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Also, although the verses are in the same order, Luke Jordan’s words were slightly modified by Justice.

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) (More) Six double-o's (uh huh) (More) Full length minks (let em know girl) (More) Crystal drinks (somethin to show girl) (More) Platinum Ice (c'mon, c'mon) (More) Expensive life, c'mon [Singer] You should know we want it all Nothing in this world is free That's why I'm gonna get that money It's all about looking up for me Oh yeah, you wanna hit this Na Na?

Gotta take me on a shopping spree Gotta buy me a six double-o Before you talk about love to me [Foxy Brown](Singer)(Baby Cham) Fox Brown needs (More) Full length minks (let em know girl) (More) Crystal Drinks (let em know girl) (More) Platinum Ice and (let em know girl) (More) Expensive life, c'mon (more doe girl) (More) Positions to use (let em know girl) (More) A car tah cruise (somethin to show, girl) (More) Some Prada shoes (that's right) (More) Y'all know I won't lose, like (that's right) (More) Platinum Ice (uh huh) (More) Expensive life (more dough) (More) Gucci clothes (cash flow) (More) Six double-o's (c'mon, c'mon) (More) Full length minks (uh huh) (More) Crystal drinks (gotta get it) (More) Platinum Ice (bring it on) (More) Expensive life (you go girl) [Singer](Baby Cham)(Foxy Brown) More (let em know girl) (Uh!

[Intro: Puff Daddy] See I told ya'll I told ya’ll motherfuckers I told ya’ll to stop I prayed for you to stop But you didn’t stop And then we won’t stop [Hook: The Notorious B.

[Interlude: Puff Daddy] Only understand, I say a prayer for you You know, that’s the only thing I can do, just pray for your mind Because, see, your mind is in control of your heart Where its supposed to be the other way around Your heart has got to control your mind So now, I have no feelings for you You have made me cold [Hook 2x] [Verse 3] Frank White the menacing, Chron Chron's the medicine I got the lettuce and, you turn green like cucumber skin Got the new, Hummer in the summer when I was a new comer Then, drugs and MAC-10s Hugs from fake friends, make ends they hate you Be broke -- girls won't date you That's why I relate to, choke yo' ass out til your face blue Make you, open the safe too No matter how you call it (how you call it) This brolic, alcoholic Like his weed green'd out, like his brick solid Distribute to, kids who, take heart like Valentine Drink Ballantine, all the time Slugs hit your chest tap you spine, flatline Heard through the grapevine, you got fucked fo' times Damn that three to nine, fucked you up for real though Sling steel slow, as for remorse, we feel no [Hook 3x] [Outro: Puff Daddy] See the fucked up thing is that I love you You know what I’m saying It’s just in my nature to love you I can’t hate you ‘Cause its not in my nature to hate you You know, I don’t know Maybe I’m a different type of individual But you have me on a line And there’s a thin line between love and hate And God-forbid I cross that line Cause I’m not gon’ give a fuck I’m telling you right motherfucking now The shit that ya’ll done started Is never gonna stop! And we’re not talking about no other rappers We’re talking about you, motherfucker!

In the same way that Biggie's lyrics are almost impossible to not memorize, Phife just sounds canonical here, the quintessential New Yorker.

"I tell you this much, riding on the train with no dough SUCKS." After this line, it takes a few seconds to adjust focus and even hear the verse by Q-Tip, the band's leader.

Cocaine Blues was subsequently picked up by the white, cross–over artist Dick Justice (1906-1962).

Justice’s recording was made two years later, on May the 20th, 1929, but titled simply Cocaine.

Back when I first grabbed that pen I told myself I was gon' win And I ain't know when But it was gon' end Up happening, I want in So you can take your top 5 list Dead or alive and put me after Em I'm a fucking genius Gripping my fucking penis, living this life You can't tell me nothing Still ain't really got no money fucking right I'm all about that real, about that real This ain't no motion picture I tell you how that feel, how that feel Even when the odds against you They wanna see me wearing Polo drawers Put 2 chains on and that ain't wrong But that ain't me, I go too damn hard I don't need clothes or jewelry to stand out Black lip nigga with his hair wild Too damn proud Been killing this since Cam made Oh Boy Oh boy, I'm the man now TDE, put the money in my hand ain't shit free This business is quick sand and I won't sink Put the pistol in my hand and I won't think Rest in peace, you just made room for the next to be I never been afraid to say what I wanna say when I wanna say it, okay then Further more we do this for y'all Rap is stressin' but it pays great That is until you lose appeal And your release date gets date raped Stay safe, hold your head I got two fish and a loaf of bread Feed the people, food for thought Because we are equal, who'd have thought They wanna share my light They wanna share my light They wanna share my light They wanna share my light They wanna share my light They wanna share my light They wanna share my light They wanna share my light You can have all my shine, I'll give you the light You can have all my shine, I'll give you the light I used to wanna rap like Jay-Z Now I feel I could run laps around Jay-Z Nas ain't seen nothing this nasty B.

On Tuesday, Malik Isaac Taylor, an original member of the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest and professionally known as Phife Dawg, died.

I don't give a [fuck], give me somethin to crash Like a 600 Benz, a drop top Jag (that's right) Me and my girls on trips to Trinidad Spend a little dough in the Gucci store (what) Pop a little Crys, little bottle of the Moet Know you love to see a chick when I'm mobbing ? Just a little hint, I like my wrist froze H-Class rocks from my nose to my toes (woo!

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