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In general, exceptions should be handled or reported in some way, or they should be thrown out of the method.It's recommended to use the predefined library constant for code clarity and better precision.Ask her interesting questions about herself that have her sharing her opinions.

As of Java 1.6, both Identity Hash Map and Enum Map did so.

When iterating through such a Map, the Entry value is only valid until you advance to the next iteration.

Your request will then be placed into a queue for the next available representative.

Once a representative is available, a session will be opened between your PC and our customer service center.

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More and more seniors are realizing that intimacy should not stop after mid-life.

If this class ("A") is extended by a subclass ("B"), and the subclass B calls super.clone(), then it is likely that B's clone() method will return an object of type A, which violates the standard contract for clone().

If all clone() methods call super.clone(), then they are guaranteed to use Object.clone(), which always returns an object of the correct type.

This class defines a clone() method but the class doesn't implement Cloneable.

There are some situations in which this is OK (e.g., you want to control how subclasses can clone themselves), but just make sure that this is what you intended.

If, for example, you try to pass such an entry Set to an add All method, things will go badly wrong.

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