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Maybe that will help with ending this day on a good note."Jude crossed her arms, slightly embarrassed he'd heard her stomach. I can't believe you just swagger in, act all snarky, and then have the guts to sit here, smirk and eat on my parents' dime. ""Beats me," he admitted cockily."Jude," Jamie tried again, "just talk to me instead of him. No wonder Sadie is hanging out with him."At that, Tommy gave a short, unamused smile. And he turns out to be just as rude as you are."Jude took her glass of coke, sipped from it and then took a deep breath. Demonstratively turning away from Tommy, she smiled warmly at Jamie. I was wondering if you and I...someday..."Jude frowned, about to ask what exactly Jamie meant, when she heard Tommy chuckling. So, lets just order, eat and then pretend we never met. " he mocked."Jude, just ignore him," Jamie advised from her other side. "Better listen to your friend.""Don't tell me what to do! But she retorted at Tommy, "I'm a genuinely nice person and this is my eighteenth birthday. Maybe at a later time—""No, no," Jude protested, "now is the perfect time. "Well, you know..thing with me and Kat is over and you and Spied broke up almost a year ago and you haven't been with anyone since, so... ""Not yet," he murmured."My friend," she roared, "was about to tell me something very important and you're disrupting us. " As if to punish Tommy, she gathered her entire attention and placed it at Jamie's feet. ""Will you go out with me tomorrow night, after the concert? "Tommy was laughing again."Drop dead," she sneered over her shoulder.

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Let me guess, he's a model or an actor or something 'artsy' like that.

He's the guy that used to hang on my walls everywhere.

I don't have anyone else.""So you only want to go out with me to do me a favor?

"I need some time for myself."With teary eyes she watched him drive off."I'm really sorry for last night," Sadie said when she walked into Jude's room the next morning, a chocolate muffin and a mug of coffee in her hands.

He actually is the first of her long list of boyfriends that I like." The fact the he was working as a producer at Canada's most successful record label had a little bit to do with that. ""Because Spied, Wally and Kyle are busy playing at Iggy's tonight.

How come she's bringing more guests to my party than I am? In the end it was the best thing to do.""Still," Jude objected. And since we're waiting for—""Oh, not waiting any longer! "Happy Birthday." Then he handed her an envelope he pulled from his pocket. Look, there's actually something I wanted to talk to you about. Princess Sadie and her posse."Sadie smiled apologetically. Sorry to be so late, but picking up Tom took a little longer than expected."While Sadie explained their late arrival, Kwest leaned towards Jude and gave her a quick hug. " She hurried into her room and came back with two dresses. ""So this Jude," Tommy said as he walked next to Kwest backstage, "does she hang out with you a lot? He had wanted nothing but a peaceful night at home, but instead of dropping him off at his new apartment, which had been the initial plan, they had figured it best to just bring him along to Jude's birthday. It had been a bad idea, that much was obvious."I might have been a bit rude last night," he acknowledged."That's one way to call it," said Kwest and chuckled. Her parents were sitting across, stuck in an argument. "She's constantly going to fancy industry parties where she manages to appear in time to walk that hideous, red carpet with Kwest.

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