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He says he was fresh out of a long-term straight relationship when he first started dating men online and was attracted to the privacy offered by the sites, especially given his family’s negative opinions about the “gay lifestyle.” “I was really scared to actually go to a gay bar and go up to someone; with these apps you could be more discreet and choose where to meet up with people,” he says, adding that these dating services “played a vital role” in his coming-out process.

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With more and more orientation-specific apps being released and mainstream apps catering to a wider range of sexual orientations, the world of same-sex dating has never been more accessible.

“Online dating platforms make it easier for curious people to explore same-sex relationships because they make the dating and hookup pools visible,” says Chelsea Reynolds, a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Communication who researches gender and sexuality in mass media.

“If I had never used a dating site, I really think my coming-out process would have been a lot more drawn out and a lot more difficult,” she says.

“The way I met my partner was through someone who introduced me to her, but I would have been way more nervous to meet her if I hadn’t had any interaction before that.” Despite the recent smattering of trend pieces (written largely from straight perspectives) about the death of Tinder and similar apps, since their inception, online dating services have fostered virtual safe spaces where people can test and transform their sexual identities.

Being outed to judgmental acquaintances or coworkers is less likely because anyone on the app is presumably part of that scene.

This was certainly the case for Kyle Govans, who met his fiancé on gay dating app Jack’d.In 2014, Ok Cupid expanded its sexual orientation tags to 12 different options, including queer, pansexual, aesxual, and more.The service now offers 20 different tags for gender identity besides “man” and “woman,” including agender, transgender, and genderqueer.“I was excited to be able to branch out and start exploring my sexual identity, but I wasn’t comfortable just walking into a bar, especially a lesbian bar or any LGBT setting,” she recalls.“I was still coming around to feeling comfortable with my identity, and I really hadn’t accepted myself.Midwest Guns has one of the most affordable yet most luxurious ranges in Illinois; for more information, you can call (708)-447-4848 or go to their website online at

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