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Among her credits as film producer are “Real Women Have Curves” for HBO, which won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival; “A Certain Desire,” starring Sam Waterston; and “Echoes,” which won the Gold Award at the Texas International Film Festival.

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This should be your current address in New Zealand.

Supply your General Medical Certificate (INZ 1007) and Chest X-Ray Certificate (INZ 1096) certificates within 15 days of your application.

Be aware that some Immigration New Zealand offices only accept EFTPOS if paying in person.

Your original passport, it will be sent back to you with your working holiday visa extension inside if your application is successful.

If you are in New Zealand on a working holiday visa from the United Kingdom, you could qualify for an 11-month visa extension also known as the “Working Holiday Scheme Second Work Visa Application”.

To get one will mean that you will be able to stay in New Zealand for an extra 11 months under the same conditions as your previous working holiday visa.

Find the address of your nearest Immigration New Zealand office on this page.

Rosewater” by Ashman and Menken (the writers of “Enchanted”and “Tangled”).

In this section you will have to include your payment method and details.

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