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This will be a public service, as a complete listing is not included with the DVD packaging.

Please note, I'm naming the segment and not using any official names from the show.

And to demonstrate that he's hit the bottom of the barrel, he sacrifices that last vestige of decency, picks up the dirty washcloth, and begins to bathe.

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Hopefully, Chappelle's Show will indeed return for a third season, but if not Dave Chappelle and co.

can live with the knowledge that they went out on a very high-note.

" *, "Oprah's Baby-Daddy", "Jury Duty Selection" *, Musical Guest: Wyclef Jean Episode 10 -- "Making the Band", "Realistic Beer Commercial", "Kneehigh Park", Musical Guest: Snoop Dogg Episode 11 -- Unaired Segments -- "Nelson Mandela's Boot Camp", "Def Comedy Poetry Slam", "Gay America" *, "The Time Haters" *, "Holler Dating Service", Musical Guest: Kanye West and Mos Def Episode 12 -- "Dave Quits" *, "Fear Factor: Tyrone Biggums" *, "Calling Big Boi/Meeting Nick Cannon" *, "Dave and Wayne Brady Out on the Town" * Episode 13 -- "First Black Man to Use White Toilet", "Lil' Jon calls Lil' Jon", "Black President Bush" *, Musical Guest: Big Boi Apparently, there were a lot of viewers like myself who didn't really watch the show during the first season, but discovered it via DVD, and were very impressed.

Thus, when the second season aired on Comedy Central, the ratings and response was tremendous.

Well, as they say, "Any publicity is good publicity", and besides, Paramount has nothing at all to worry about, as this DVD set contains some of the funniest things ever shown on TV and it's sure to be a huge seller.

Before discussing the overall quality of the second season of Chapelle's Show, I'll list the sketches from each episode.

While the first season of Chappelle's Show was good, the second season took everything to a new level.

It's safe to assume that due to the success of the show, Chappelle and co-writer Neal Brennan were given more freedom to take the show even further in terms of insanity and edginess.

For the record, I don't know any caucasians who use them.

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