Depressed skull fracture dating

Where a skull fracture is identified, there will be concerns about how it has been caused and whether it was a result of non-accidental injury.There are many issues to think about if these allegations are made, below are several of those considerations.A 1969 study found that 47% of infants had falls during their first year of life but very few sustained any serious injury (only 4).

There have been many different studies into the causes of skull fractures.

The difficulty of course is that experiments cannot be done on live infants and so most of the studies are reviews that collate information about children who have attended hospital with a fracture or having had a fall.

The assumption, therefore, that a parent or carer ‘should have known’ is not a reliable one.

For a skull to fracture, there must be an impact of some kind (even if a medical condition reduces the level of force).

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If the force of the impact is excessive, the bone may fracture at or near the site of the impact and cause damage to the underlying physical structures contained within the skull such as the membranes, blood vessels, and brain.

While an uncomplicated skull fracture can occur without associated physical or neurological damage and is in itself usually not clinically significant, a fracture in healthy bone indicates that a substantial amount of force has been applied and increases the possibility of associated injury.

Any significant blow to the head results in a concussion, with or without loss of consciousness.

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