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If it takes longer to get your heart rate up you will sweat less or take longer to break a sweat.

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I have a problem sometimes with sweating during sexual intercourse.

If my guy is dripping down on me, I wipe his forehead and face and keep the party going..

Yes, I have been rained down on be4 lol I also have an issue sometimes..the worst is when your own sweat drips into an eye....

I wipe his head for him..thing i can say about this is....a woman loves you or is into you..won't matter..kind enough to make sure it does not drip on me, but I sweat some as well especially if I'm the one doing all the worklol........

I say if your not sweating , your not putting in a solid effort in the bedroom, unless it is a quickie, or your partner is super lazy which it sounds like they were...even some that BEGGG for me to let my sweat fall on their body...aside from them.like a sweatbox..the AC down to 50 degrees You sweat because your heart rate is up and your body is cooling itself."I wear those glasses to keep your f**king sweat out of my eyes".Unlike other Nigerian fraud scams, which are typically run on a shoestring, Prince Nwambu’s gang was significantly more sophisticated.After establishing contact with victims, the gang met them in Spain, where the transfer would allegedly take place.Your date will sense something is wrong and think the problem's her or him.

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