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The commercial sexual exploitation of children remained a serious problem.

According to domestic and foreign law enforcement officials, a significant portion of the child pornography available on the Internet continued to originate in Ukraine.

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State run orphanages are experiencing a lack of basic supplies. I have chosen to sponsor the Kharkov Region Orphanage.

My brother works for the police against organised crime and drug dealing in Kharkov and he often comes across street kids.

Furthermore, 18% of street children in Ukraine have been victims of sexual violence and sexual exploitation.

Since 1989, the trafficking of children from the Russian Federation has exploded, with their percentage in the international sex market overtaking previous sources of supply in Asia and Latin America.

During 2003, 300 criminal cases were opened against parents for neglect of parental duties.

The majority of complaints of abuse of children related to child prostitution, pornographic video sales, child molestation, and illegal child labour.

But it is their means of survival in a country beset by the problems of adaptation after independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Prevention Of Addictive Behaviour Among Street Children In Ukraine 60, 4% of neglected children are drug users. The most popular drugs are glue and other chemical substances. About 80 per cent are "social orphans" who live on the street because their parents drink, use drugs or abuse them sexually or physically. Their parents never registered their births, so the state has no record of them.

Most often (56, 1%) children buy drugs, friends give drugs to 55, 3% of the children, 8, 8% get drugs in other ways (steal glue, cultivate cannabis and so on), parents offer drugs for 7, 9%. option=com_content&view=article&id=59:sergiys-ottawa-citizen-article&catid=17:news-articles Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, nearly 120,000 Ukrainian men, women and children have been trafficked abroad - more than any other Eastern European country. Others are enticed by promises of money and a better life. “That's why it's very easy for human trafficking, you can take somebody who doesn't exist, so nobody cares." Rescuing Children from the Streets It is a Ukrainian tradition that at a certain time of the year, people leave food on the graves of their loved ones as a memorial.

Starving street children, desperate for any scrap of food they can get their hands on, often raid the graveyard at night. For example Vitalik and his friends don't know anything about Jews, and in fact they do not care much however twice a week they look for a white bus decorated with Hebrew, Russian and English words where they can get some food: a sandwich, some fruit and a can of juice, all packaged in a white plastic bag.

As many as 200,000 such unaccounted-for children live rough in a country where daytime temperatures can be -30C.

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