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With the help of DNS integration with the DHCP, you can simplify this task and can remarkably reduce the administrative overhead.

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In addition to configuring DDNS, you can configure your DNS server to use WINS for name resolution.

To perform this function, open the DNS console, right-click on your forward lookup zone, and select Properties (Figure D).

If the client is not sending its hostname to the dhcp server, it has no way to update the dns zone.

Your DHCP clients need to be configured to register with DNS on update.

I believe there are two ways to solve this: You can either join your Linux machines to Active Directory using SAMBA and then they should be able to update their DNS records (if I recall correctly just being a domain member is enough to be able to update secured DNS zones) or your Windows admin can configure a "proxy-account" that will be used to authenticate when performing the secured updates.

Create an Active Directory user and make sure that it is a member of the Dns Update Proxy.The I'm willing to bet that the System Administrator running your Windows DHCP server is requiring secure Dynamic DNS updates.This means that you need to have a valid Active Directory account in the appropriate group in order to add or update DNS records in that zone.In case your DHCP server is a standalone Windows Server 2012 server, you can use the local administrator account credentials to log on while making the above configurations in the DHCP server.Here is how you can enable the DNS integration with the Windows Server 2012 DHCP server: Once done, click OK to save the changes that you have made.Choose the WINS tab and enter the IP address of your WINS server.

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