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I have got to the beach before the glider port gate opened and was one of the first parked and down to the beach and walked to the north state park boundary in just a wet diaper. Sex is good, and we're fairly compatible in other ways too. He said he doesn't want me to do it with him, but that every once in a while he likes to wear them because it makes him feel "safe." He said that this odd behavior isn't sexual for him, but I have trouble believing him. He also said that it embarrasses him and he wishes it wasn't something he needed.

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("Is that an enormous rattle in your diaper or are you just happy to see me? But I think sexual activity with either sex would be confusing and strange.

") I would advise you to say some vaguely affirming things ("Your diaper thing doesn't bother me, and wouldn't even if it were sexual") without pressuring him to include you at diaper time. In sex ed, I always thought the whole idea of sexual intercourse was strange.

Should I wait until I find the right person and decide from there?

—Confused About Sexuality, Help A: According to the Tumblr Blog Decoder Ring that came in my last box of Kellogg's Feelios, CASH, you're bi-classic (attracted to men and women), bi-romantic (could be with a man or a woman), a sort of demisexual/sapiosexual hybrid (demis are attracted to people they've bonded with emotionally, sapios are attracted to people who are intelligent, and vibrancy may fall at some point between the two), and maybe falling somewhere on the asexuality spectrum.

And wherever you fall on it, CASH, know you've got plenty of company.

Q: A local park in Seattle often hosts gay men engaging in sexual activities.I certainly did not mean to offend anyone by labeling it a “situation”, but quite honestly I just did not understand what was going on. Clearly, in Japan woman were wearing diapers, not because they were incontinent but because they enjoyed it and were even excited by it. There are even diaper communities within religious communities.Japan even had adult diaper fashion shows for diaper fet*sh*sts. Obviously there is a power dynamic happening and experts say sexual attraction is about a power inequality. And it doesn’t mean the individual wants to be treated like an infant (although something deeply subconscious must be going on here), but merely that they get gratification out of wearing a diaper. For others they enjoy the feeling and crinkling sounds associated with it.That said, DIAPERS, "this makes me feel safe" and "this makes my dick hard" aren't mutually exclusive phenomena. (And if diapers really do make adults feel safe—and I wanna see data on that—we could rebrand them as "portable individual safe spaces" and make them available at our better universities.) Another clue there's something sexual about this thing for diapers: not wanting you around while he wears them.Maybe diapers are something he enjoys wearing during alone time, or maybe the sight of him in diapers makes the sexual aspect hard to deny.I also have a Master's in Architecture, so anything architecture, sustainable architecture, historic preservation, futuristic architecture, urban design, etc.

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