Did sarah paulson dating amanda peet

Paulson's other half wasn't at her side for the shindig, as she is currently performing in a theater production in New York.("#agony #mizry #Too Far #Too Bad" she said of missing the show.) Holland did tweet about Paulson ahead of the Globes though, calling her "a shimmering, spectacular, singular sensation...!!!

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Sarah Paulson gave BFF Amanda Peet a friendly li'l tap on the booty, too, although for these ladies a public butt-grab is chump change...

Seriously, because Paulson, 40, has gotten an eyeful of her gorgeous bestie before, and she was quite impressed with what she saw!

We’re truly glad that the Golden Globes had so many examples of women lifting each other up this year, and these BFFs were a big part of that!

"It was like girlfriends at first sight," Peet's character narrates on the show. "Within five minutes of meeting each other," Peet says, "we had our first laughing fit." In 2006, they again costarred, in Aaron Sorkin's show-within-a-show Sarah Paulson: I don't know, Bird.

While it certainly isn't the first time Amanda has accompanied Sarah at an award show, we're a little surprised that the actress, who portrayed prosecutor Marcia Clark on American Crime Story: The People v.

Amanda Peet (born January 11, 1972) is an American actress and author who has appeared in film, stage, and television.

Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet at the Golden Globes are no exception.  In a show that featured women lifting each other up, this pair was all about love and support." data-reactid="15"Seeing BFF celebrity pairs rock the red carpet together brings us joy.

Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet at the Golden Globes are no exception.

In a show that featured women lifting each other up, this pair was all about love and support.

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