Disabled devotee dating

I find it really hard to understand their mindset, because if I had the choice I would not choose to be disabled.I’ve been emailing two devs from the UK but one of them is not very good at conversation and it’s a bit like talking to a brick wall.

Some of them wear leg braces to prevent them from walking properly, or so that they have to use a wheelchair.

They believe that they were meant to be disabled not able-bodied.

Some find the idea of disabled people struggling to perform actions arousing like picking something up or crawling across the floor.

Another turn on for devs is strength of character despite a person’s disability.

Paradevo has an FAQ section, a messageboard, a section for Dev fiction and even an online shop.

Because I was curious and wanted to talk to some devs I signed up on the message board, and introduced myself.

It does say on the paradevo website that they are not interested in people with learning disabilities because they may not be able to give consent.

There are some people on paradevo that I do find quite odd however.

Why are these people sexually aroused by disability? But devs are not all the same in their preferences.

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