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Those two sites are also excellent places for meeting attractive married women and having an affair.

Can't find anything in the forum on Sweet Discreet, so let me introduce it: I just spent a couple of weeks there, with a short trial membership to get full functionality.

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Pretty handy in ferreting out the fake accounts...which is a rather high percentage.

I completely agree the reason why I did a Google search was bc I felt this site was fake.

As long as you clear your browser history like we told you to in our cheater dating guide, you won’t have to worry about your wife finding out about your appearance on Erotic

And, by the way, the same goes for Ashley and Affairs

So whether they were bots or paid responders, I'm convinced all of my respondents - and there was like one a day on average, were fake. They know you're not going to call a lawyer to get your money back. On top of that, it seems that most of the replies are after your memberships expiring, thus encouraging you to re-up so you can read the generic messages.

You decide whether you want to sort through this looking for somebody real. A few of the local pics may be real (But, as an earler poster correctly wrote; they are dogs.) The other profiles and pics are complete fakes....created by the company to lure you into attempted conversations...which never materialize. I was on the site for a couple weeks, and came away with only one real reply, which led to nothing after that.

i put in my profile ways to actually contact me refering to other sites i use that are legit like onlinebootycall and adult friends finder.

they are legit but they want money too i got a lifetime membership to onlinebooty call which was worth it i hooked up with like 5 girls over a period of a few years 2 that i had sex with daily for months at a time still have sex with so the 60 dollars was worth it.

Be Discreet has all the tell tales signs of being a classic dating scam. It is recommended based on all the information we have gathered to stay clear of Be

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