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The episodes were available to watch online exclusively with Hulu for a short time, which attracted a lot of U. I am a lady who lives in Vancouver, WA I like to travel, dance, read, Internet, cuddle with my two cats, yoga and walk/hike. The series along with the United States installments have aired on Australian cable network Arena, which is home to its own installments, The Real Housewives of Melbourne and Sydney.

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Our couples therapists can help you turn your relationship around often in only a few sessions. Before we came to couples counselling, I did not have a constructive way to have a disagreement with my partner.

I would leave the instant there was any real or perceived threat or show of anger.

Our therapists provide counselling in our Vancouver office or via Skype or phone.

Regardless of how long you have been struggling in your relationship and how frustrated and hurt you are feeling, with marriage therapy there is always hope.

Just trying to find some people that I have things in common with.

A little item 9 every now and then (if you get that reference shibby lol) I love questions so just throw 'em at me.

This fear was one of the biggest obstacles to me showing up in the relationship. I believe one of the reasons the betrayal happened was because of my lack of communication with my husband.

I covered up, sugar-coated, stuffed and pretended ‘everything’s fine! I can now say what I need to express but in a non-threatening way. We have a very healthy relationship now – we’ve come so far from where we were. We’ve learned how to take our relationship to the next level and get deeper. I didn’t know how to open up to him and tell him what was really going on for me.

I look forward to continued intimacy and deeper expansion together as a couple, being open and more transparent and to continue to enjoy each other as we’re doing. M., Vancouver, BC (Male) As counsellors who specialize in working with couples, we are passionate about our work. In order to help you create a more loving and fulfilling relationship, we want both of you to invest the same of yourselves. Before couples counselling, our relationship was not good; there was betrayal and mistrust. I didn’t express my feelings truthfully or transparently. I tried to make him tell the truth; to manipulate him into changing, thinking that there was something wrong with him!

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