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The Double Your Dating program catalog is jam packed with new ideas and techniques developed to bring instant results by providing tips on body language, approaching women, getting over fear of rejection, and knowing exactly what to say.

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Read more » Sure, your friends might think you're a great guy, so why does every woman you want to date brush you off and shut you down?

If you knew that the real reasons for being rejected are always one of three things, would you belive me?

It's not necessarily how you dress or how you talk (but it could be your hygiene!

) but instead the confidence in yourself, or rather the lack of confidence you have, that's the biggest turn-off leading to being rejected by women that most guys have to learn to conquer.

Do you know the signals she's giving you that says the time is now to go in for the kiss?

And do you know how to test her attraction by kissing her?Are you ready to introduce yourself to a woman and know that you're going to be walking out with her in an hour or two?Pick-up mastery isn't some mystery only learned later in life, it can be yours now, today, so you can start meeting and hooking up with the women that turn you on.Get more dating and relationship tips for men at Relationships, Attraction, Chemistry) In this clip from Advanced Dating Techniques, Double Your Dating's David De Angelo talks about why its actually GOOD that life is not fair, and how you can use that to your advantage.Learning how to pick up women, approach women and date women is not just about pick up lines, its also about inner game and how well you handle yourself.For the full article, go here: clip from Double Your Dating's Body Language Program explains the objective of body language and how to attract women instantly by creating intense attraction with your body language. David De Angelo tells you his favorite pick up line for men.

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