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(1) Stand facing the full Moon, you may be outside or inside, whatever you prefer, as long as you have a clear view of the Moon.(2) Acknowledge the Moon and give thanks, send loving energy up to her and out into the universe.

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Most lunar observers today regard the telescope eyepiece as if it were the porthole of their very own spacecraft hovering over the Moon.

Many observers like to keep some kind of permanent record of their forays around the Moon’s surface by sketching what they can see through the eyepiece.

(5) Rub your hands together, take a deep breath and again assume the chalice position.

Invoke the energy of the goddess using any words you choose.

Although men and women can conduct this ritual, many women find that by Drawing Down the Moon and connecting with the power of the goddess, they are able to connect with the power within themselves.

How to Draw down the Moon Before you Draw down the Moon, cleanse your space and cast the magick circle.

If a feature you have chosen to draw is not marked on the map then make a note of nearby features which can be identified and indicate their positions in relation to the unknown area.

Basic outlines are first drawn lightly, using a soft pencil, giving you the chance to erase anything if need be.

Try not to make your drawing too large or too small – a sketch of around 100 mm in diameter is a good size.

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