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Another thing that we’ve learned in studying this is that one of the ways to instantly make yourself more attractive and more presentable to other people is your clothing.

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For a mix of office appropriate meets date night, opt for a dress or skirt with a feminine top under a jacket.

(You can remove the jacket when you leave the office! A classic, fitted blazer is perfect for the occasion when worn the right way! This is what will make a great first impression and guarantee a second date! ) Jess: I can't say it enough—wear what makes YOU feel good. If you feel good in what you're wearing, it'll show.

Sure, we may go through a couple wardrobe changes before deciding on a final ensemble, but a clean shirt, a non-wrinkled dress and a nice pair of shoes all seem like obvious decisions for a first date outfit—but should we be more strategic in our choices? As it turns out, what to wear on a first date actually matters a whole lot more than any of us were aware of. Read through her insights below to find out more about why your clothes are important—some of her reasons might surprise you. Dressing yourself is a little bit like personal branding. If the person you’re seeing hasn’t talked to you yet, and is just looking at your photos on a dating profile or from across the room, they use clothing to determine if they might like you and if you might get along.

To get to the bottom of the dating-meets-fashion debate, we enlisted Chiara Atik, a dating expert, blogger, and author of “Modern Dating: A Field Guide,” and asked her this question: Does what you wear on a first date really matter? So for people who don’t follow fashion closely, will their date’s clothing have an effect?

It's a dilemma that we single gals have been trying to solve for decades!

(And one that our readers have asked us about on several occasions!

Also, pick one best asset to show off and and by that, I mean don't give it all away on the first date!

If you wear something short, balance that out with long sleeves and a low heel.

(And enough time to steam or iron your outfit beforehand!

) Being disheveled and stressed out until the second your date picks you up is no way to start out!

You can do flats or wedges depending on the setting and what you're most comfortable in.

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