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To enable this, insert the email links in the template defined in System Parameters (above).More information on setting up drill down links can be found here.

Alerts are also indicated on the status bar by a number (#) next to the bell icon. Selecting an alert gives access to 4 menu options: Go to origin: Opens the form that contains the change that triggered the alert Manage alert: Opens the rule that generated the alert and allows access to change some alert settings including disabling the alert.

Refresh: update the displayed alerts and their status Change status: To read or To unread E-mail message column indicates if an email was sent for the alert.

Alert me for: In the Alert me for area of the Create alert rule form, you can use conditions to control when you are alerted about events.

Use the select button to create specific criteria for the conditions you wish.

For more information regarding Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics AX, check out the resources available on Tech Net.

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A retry schedule for emails that the system has not been able to send can be defined in System administration Retry schedule.

More information regarding this and monitoring email messaging and statuses can be found here.

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