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She played an old Dan Humphrey’s childhood friend Vanessa Abrams.

Jessie portrayed an underground girl that was fighting against rich and cruel Upper East Siders, though she started to fight them for all the good reasons, later she used the same methods as her hated people and that was fraud, blackmailing and harshly messing with other people’s lives.

Chace Crawford was snapped with Drew Barrymore just days ago. Now it’s time for CW’s 90210 to get some kissing press attention for themselves this week. ABOUT THIS AUTHOR || Editor in Chief: Maria Stabile | Maria in ten years has propelled LALATE to become a leading news authority in sports, entertainment, and national news, LALATE has been cited in countless international newspapers (including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and LA Times), international television news broadcasts including ABC News, books including The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences, tv programs including MTV News, and magazines.

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Drew Barrymore and Chace Crawford were both at the Kings of Leon concert in New York City and "made no attempt at hiding their relationship." Multiple eyewitnesses say they were making out, Perez claims.

However, New York Magazine (which is actually based in New York, obviously, unlike Perez) refutes this - sort of. Crawford was in attendance along with Westwick - his best friend and roommate - but says Ed was the one involved in the Drew kissing. " a witness said, denying the earlier reports that she was spotted smooching Crawford. " All very interesting for the Gossip Girl stars, linked to the same girl on the same day!

star Ed Westwick were spotted “in a full-on make-out session” at a NYC concert for alt-rockers Kings of Leon Tuesday night. area at Webster Hall, but contrary to blog reports, he was not kissing Barrymore.

Westwick’s co-star Chace Crawford was also with them in the V. After the concert, Barrymore, 33, and Westwick, 21, took their PDA to Bowery Electric, according to New York’s Daily Intel.

Ed westwick and his girlfriend was spotted by paparazzi’s doing everything together, they looked great as a couple.

When asked what quality he likes in his girlfriend Jessica, Ed Westwick said that she is gorgeous.

Ed Westwick and Drew Barrymore: Mindblowingly Inappropriate!

Dating or not, gossip guy or truth, Ed Westwick and Drew Barrymore got it on at Webster Hall last night. Reportedly Drew “straddled” Westwick and Ed was had “smug satisfaction”.

Since her breakup with Justin Long in July, Drew Barrymore, 33, has been dating every younger man she can get her hands on. Barrymore even straddled Bass – um, we mean Westwick – in a move not dissimilar to that time Serena did it with Nate on the bar.

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