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The variety and quality of digital-photography software has grown exponentially in recent years.Cell phones now have digital cameras built in, and photo-sharing sites like Webshots and Snapfish have made it simple to post digital pictures online.

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Underground LA music scene shaping modern jazz and hip hop, photographed by Coley Brown Congrats on the ASMEs—which categories did you win? We won the National Magazine Award for excellence in photography in 20.

This year we also won for design, and were finalists in the single-topic issue and magazine of the year categories. Four months ago, we hired a fantastic photo editor, Paloma Shutes, to join the photo department (For our first few years, it was just me). I think it’s so important so have a coworker who has different sensibilities and distinct photography interests—it will only make the magazine more dynamic, and help it evolve.

A great way to keep on top of the latest camera technology is to read the Digital camera reviews from Computer About Computer Computer feature reviews about the latest software downloads.

We provide a unique focus on products for a passionate audience eager to learn more about technology and all the latest high tech products.

Pop-Up is a multi-sensory experience, and there are so many ways to craft a story for a live audience rather than the printed page– we have to think about the pacing and the sequencing of images in combination with the dialogue, when our live orchestra should play. What are some of your favorite photo essays from the last year, and why?

We’ve published so many stories that I’m proud of this year, from a four-part photo essay centered on youth homelessness (as part of a coordinated effort by more than 80 media outlets to shine a light on homelessness in the Bay Area), to a Natalie Keyssar project documenting political unrest in Venezuela, to an underground LA music scene shaping modern jazz and hip hop, photographed by Coley Brown.

We are always open to experiments and trying out new formats.

In September, we published our first-ever themed issue, in which we asked writers and photographers, “What do California and the West sound like right now?

If you wish to have a third party handle the exchange, there is an escrow service provided.

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