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Given the conditions, it wouldn't be surprising if the balance eventually crumbled.

If the present Demon Lord were destroyed, the monster girls would probably immediately revert back into the “monsters” of the former Demon Lord's era.

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They were beings that were always fighting and killing humans over dominance of the world, but when the succubus type new Demon Lord (new Demon Lord) took the place of the Demon Lord who had ruled the demon realm at that time (Henceforth, former Demon Lord), a change appeared in all the monsters.

Because of this, they all transformed into “monster girls” as stated in “Fundamentals of the Monsters.” As stated in “Fundamentals of the World,” monsters are divine creations.

(Because humans who live with monsters receive their magical power on a daily basis, their lifespans naturally grow longer.) There are even some who possess lifespans equal to those of monsters due to “mermaid's blood,” or “transforming into incubi.” Among humans there is a religious organization called “the order” which many people have faith in.

Due to the teachings of the order, many people are hostile towards monsters.

Compared with monsters, their lifespans are also short.

Normally it is said that even a long life would last only 80 years, but many of those who possess a lot of magical power within their bodies also live longer than that.

The new Demon Lord's Plan is to overwrite this “configuration” with the above written “configuration” of the “monster girls,” and “fuse humanity and monsters into one race.” (In the unified humanity, humans are the males, and monsters are the females.) But the strength of the configuration mandated by the gods is very powerful, and even now that the monsters have become “monster girls,” she still wasn't able to perfectly overwrite it.

As a result, the configurations “Monsters attack humans,” “Monsters are a higher existence than humans,” remain.

Even now that they have become monster girls, the problematic issue of the children born from sexual assaults on humans all ending up as monster girls remains.

Even now, the power of the gods and the power of the Demon Lord are in a struggle.

Some, much newer, information is still given in web form before it's expanded on in print, for example the information on Wonderland.

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