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Too much abscission results in uneconomical fruit production but too little abscission can result in large numbers of fruits with unacceptable market quality due to small size.

Moreover, less abscission in one season results in less flower bud induction during the next flowering season and alternate bearing .

Domestication of major crops included the selection of plants that did not naturally shed ripe fruits or seeds.

The understanding of abscission is of great importance to control seed and fruit production and to improve breeding and harvesting practices.

The resulting network was identified as a scale-free network that contained specific sub-networks related to immune function and that may not have previously known roles in disease etiology and only evidence small alterations, which are challenging to find by statistical and comparison-based methods.

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Different mechanical fruit harvesting systems such as canopy and trunk shake-and-catch harvesters have been developed.

However, these harvesting systems have drawbacks associated with inefficient fruit removal and trunk and fruit damage .

In addition to facilitate the shedding of no longer needed, infected, damaged or senescent organs, abscission is a key process in plant reproductive programs that makes possible the fall of ripe fruits and the release and dispersion of seeds.

From an evolutionary point of view, fruit and seed abscission are highly advantageous processes.

However, in an agricultural context, abscission is a major limiting factor for crop productivity.

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