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But they can be in love with their own constructs (Camille says that music arouses Stephan's love, but he coolly replies, ).Like Fours who are in love with their own emotions, Fives are in love with their own understandings.

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They don't allow emotion to cloud their judgment --easy for them, they're not involved! The story line is simple: Stephan, a violin repairman is in partnership with a man who divorces and begins to live with a beautiful violinist.

The movie, depicts a Five (the main character, Stephan) in clinical detail. But she learns to love Stephan and the story is his inability to love her.

But part of the reason he waited is that Fives often require a long time to process material.

Fives hate surprises when entranced and they love privacy.

We see Enneagram tests being used inappropriately on dating websites and for online contests in a way that sullies the academic validity of the Enneagram, gives the taker the wrong impression of the Enneagram, and indeed gives them a false measurement of their Enneagram type.

No single Enneagram test can insure the accurate typing of every person that takes it.

There they can exercise their gifts of analysis and synthesis and make sense of their experiences.

Many Fives are excellent writers because they are keen observers, they can make minute analyses and relate what they saw to all the rest of the information they have. And while they are distant, they are also objective.

They actually care for one another but they fight all the time.

You can tell this noisy, invasively interactive, messy example is what he does not want in his own life.

When you think you are friends with an entranced Five, you better check it out.

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