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What will we see for him as the series comes to a close?Hartley: At the end of "Dominion," Oliver is faced with a cold reality that he's not going to be able to get rid of this infection just by willing it away.

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resumes its 10th and final season in just over a week (on Friday, January 28), making that “unbelievable” Lois-and-Clark moment all the closer. But I certainly didn’t see this coming, so I’m just flying by the seat of my pants! TVLINE ]It would be nice to have continued on having had the secret for a while, to showcase that she can be a supportive person. He does this thing with [scattering] the blossoms, and it’s such a wonderful surprise.

And while Erica Durance is excited to see Clark (played by Tom Welling) reach his destiny, she admits that saying goodbye to the show she has called home for six-and-a-half years is “very bittersweet.” TVLine welcomed the opportunity to sit with Erica and reflect on life as Lois, Clark’s upcoming journey, and her own plans for after Would you have thought a year ago that you’d now be playing the future Mrs. They’ve been doing a great job of keeping the integrity of [Clark and Lois] and still letting them have their moments. But she was looking for him to trust her, so when he finally does it’s quite amazing for her. They gave us such a good portion of time to work on the scene, and it was a That was actually my next question: Are you and Tom having more fun than ever? I don’t want to speak out of turn for him, but there’s a way we both approach work and how we feel about it.

She thinks, “OK, if you’re going to do this, if you want to make this work, this is what we need to do….” But she still stops at nothing, goes off on her own, investigates things, and gets in trouble — as usual! TVLINE Will Clark and Lois have any standalone adventures à la “Harvest”?

I believe the script that just came out, with Booster Gold, has a bit of that going on. [Smallville What did it mean to you that the show, during its final season no less, made time to revisit Lois’ family, including her late mother (played by guest star Teri Hatcher)?

Oliver and Chloe are going to be the best man and woman at Lois and Clark's wedding. That would coincide." It's really interesting and a really smart story. Zod is not happy with Clark [Tom Welling] and he puts Clark in a very compromising position, something that he really can't get out of, so he's got no choice but to act. Justin Hartley: (Laughs.) I was actually looking forward to telling everyone what to do. How do you feel now that the series has come to an end for you guys? I live in Los Angeles, so I'm glad to be back here with my family.

What can you tell us about the return of Zod (Callum Blue) in the episode you're directing? He feels like he was betrayed by his brother, someone from his own planet. I wanted him a little more sexually charged in this episode and sort of funny, getting a kick out of things. Then I quickly realized, and of course I'm kidding, but how confident everyone is. I feel really proud of the work I did on the show and I'm grateful; more grateful than proud, actually.“They’re going to get together and talk about what happened, why she left,” Justin Hartley told me. as seen in this second photo, Dinah Lance aka Black Canary (played by Alaina Huffman) also is on hand for the January 28 episode, titled “Collateral.” And in recent DC Comics canon, Ollie and Dinah got hitched.Will Chloe’s measured presence during ‘s final season pave the way for the CW series to follow in the comic books’ footsteps and point Green Arrow at Black Canary? “Hopefully there will be a happy ending [for Oliver and Chloe],” Hartley shares.To take the time to see where did Lois come from, and for her to be able to resolve some of those issues, meant so much to me. I understand that some characters are wary of her allegiances. Chloe is like a sister to her, so she’s happy she’s there and she wants her to be safe.We’re always so many more things than we appear, and there are always reasons tied to family. It’s unconditional love, like, “You don’t need to tell me everything you’re doing, but be careful.” TVLINE Is Lionel Luthor’s “resurrection” a big story that Lois-the-reporter digs into?He has to figure out a whole other path, something he's never done before. In the end, it's interesting because Oliver has to go do and Oliver actually married Black Canary? In a very warm, sweet way it is addressed because the images that you're going to see are things that could go on while the mythos of the comics is happening, with him and Black Canary.

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