Error crashed while validating asset valentines cards dating 3 months

Is this to drive the linting during the build phase, e.g. Another part of your harness I am not sure about is the purpose of the config file? I think that part of the tool is the least important, but if it's still confusing I can try to explain with examples.

Is this to drive the linting during the build phase, e.g. The config file would just be to control how that output looks.

The argument for putting it in Gavel would be that Gavel already has the ability to check a json object against a schema, so it should be fairly easy to add.

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Error crashed while validating asset

In the interest of keeping documentation up-to-date, it seems you would want to get warnings when your example Body doesn't fit your Schema.

Maybe this issue should be for a different's definitely something snowcrash could handle, but perhaps it shouldn't have a dependency on json schema?

Now with that being said I do not want to neglect on the benefits of having the checks there at a compile time.

While this one particular request might be covered in Gavel I am playing with the idea of building whole Snow Crash compiler infrastructure, or harness if you will.

In the later, the parser harness would fetch & embed the asset from the path or URL into the AST. So the "template" blueprint is actually a real API Blueprint.

I would propose following: Referencing an external asset: Embedding an external asset: (this is Markdown syntax for embedding pictures) In the first case (referencing) the parser would just add the reference to a (new) href key in [email protected] I understand Snow Crash as a parser, with output containing AST and (semantical or informal) warnings.And it won't work, because you want the Schema to be in human-readable form with indentation and prettified - not one-liner, right?Or maybe two tools, one to handle the structural issues and one to handle the stylistic/data integrity issues.Consider this file structure: It should be pretty clear how to split this into a tool that handles step 1 and a tool that handles 2-6. In regards of the API Blueprint linter – I am a little bit confused here.Consider the following file structure: # Group Gist Gist-related resources of *Gist Fox API*. ### List All Gists [GET] Parameters since (optional, string) ...

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