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That season, only one woman of color was cast, and she was eliminated in the third week after receiving virtually no screen time.

Un REAL itself jokingly gave one its black contestants “three episodes tops.” While it is certainly not the only series created in response to The Bachelor – the comedy series Burning Love parodied the show’s ridiculousness, while the reality dating program Flavor of Love was created to have a show with a black Bachelor – it is the only one credited with showing us the truth about reality television.

It asserts that reality television is heavily edited, such that situations can go from harmless to heated with just a few switched clips.

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And although the class was going to be taught by a stranger and not his teacher, he was not one to say no to a free sandwich.

He followed the directions to the letter, but found when he had completed the task, the stranger gave no further instruction.

On the show, one contestant is revealed to have been institutionalized twice.

Even one of the fellow crew members seems shocked that this contestant was allowed on the show, but we’ve already seen the proof that reality television has a history of hiring and taking advantage of mentally unstable individuals.

The incident was so devastating that VH1 ceased to produce any more dating reality programs.

Un REAL’s intended suckerpunch of having a twice-institutionalized contestant certainly pales in comparison.

The show’s creators themselves have stated that the show will make viewers watch reality television in a different way, effectively dismantling the fairytale fantasy the shows work doggedly to construct.

But are people watching reality television because they genuinely believe in it?

Can viewers not be trusted to intuit on their own when the programming they are viewing might be, for lack of a better term, unreal?

Or perhaps the issue here is a matter of dissonance.

But did it really take a show like Un REAL to convince us that unscripted television is often manipulative and dishonest towards its subjects?

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