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A few years earlier, 12 percent of the paper was sold to Justin Shaw and Geordie Greig. In November 2009, it was announced that the London Evening Standard would drop its midday "News Extra" edition from 4 January 2010 with the first edition being the West End Final, available from 2 pm.

One edition of 600,000 copies would be printed starting at pm, ending 3 am starts for journalists and the previous deadline of 9 am for the first edition; twenty people were expected to lose their jobs as a result.

Express Newspapers merged the Standard in 1980 with the Evening News in a Joint Operating Agreement with Associated Newspapers' Evening News, becoming known as the Newstandard until 1985 when Associated Newspapers bought out the remaining stake, turning into The Standard.

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It also occasionally runs campaigns on local issues that national newspapers do not cover in detail. Its best known former art critic, Brian Sewell, was known for his acerbic view of conceptual art, Britart and the Turner Prize During the 2008 London mayoral election the newspaper – and particularly its correspondent Andrew Gilligan – published articles in support of the Conservative candidate, Boris Johnson, including frequent front-page headlines condemning Ken Livingstone.

This included the headline "Suicide bomb backer runs Ken's campaign".

None of the posters mentioned the Evening Standard by name, although they featured the paper's Eros logo.

Ex-editor Veronica Wadley criticised the "Pravda-style" campaign saying it humiliated the paper's staff and insulted its readers. Also in May 2009 the paper relaunched as the London Evening Standard with a new layout and masthead, marking the occasion by giving away 650,000 free copies on the day, with free circulation of 700,000, limited to central London.

In May 2009, the newspaper launched a series of poster ads, each of which prominently featured the word "Sorry" in the paper's then-masthead font.

These ads offered various apologies for past editorial approaches, such as "Sorry for losing touch".

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The London Evening Standard (simply the Evening Standard before May 2009) is a local, free daily newspaper, published Monday to Friday in tabloid format in London.

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