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Of course then we had to go out and rake it because it just left us with blue chunks of fuzz all over the lawn.

I felt like we were the Cat in the Hat or something, it was nuts!

Polished the ’98 Accord, don’t wash a chenille blanket, Safari comes out on Windows, are you sick of the i Phone yet? Impossible Quiz at newgrounds.com, i Speak It from zapptek.com, hdabob.com, redesign review by my favorite listener James Kocsis, Sound Grinder from monkey-tools.com, Nam’s adventure trying not to buy a i Pod buys 3 Sansas instead, Edit in Snipshot in Firefox from

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This was a Christmas present to me from him, and he doesn’t want me to forget it. This is a Flash-based quiz that will irritate you, frustrate you, challenge you, and you won’t be able to stop playing. You get 3 lives, which means if you guess wrong 3 times, you know which one is the right answer when you play the next time.

thank you Steve, from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift. But the questions don’t all make sense, or I should say the answers don’t always make sense.

I’m a so-so fan of Safari, I tend towards Firefox because of the vast array of extensions available to enhance it, but it’s always fun to run a new browser.

in fact, next week I’m hoping we’ll have a full comparison review of all the major browsers available for the Mac by Scott Jackson, so stay tuned for that!

Chenille is that sorta soft, fuzzy kinda fabric, it’s woven but has these nice fuzzy things imbedded in it.

anyway, we had one of these and it was getting smelly from being in a cabinet for a long time so I told my daughter to throw it in with her towels.

Here it is, what, 3, 4 months later and every single podcaster is yapping about it? the thing that really is getting under my skin is that they don’t even WANT to talk about it, so they end up arguing with each other, sniping at each other with differing opinions on whether it’s going to flop or fly. I mentioned Snap ZPro and explained why I slapped down the to buy this tool.

He would like me to publicly acknowledge the fact that I did NOT slap down , HE slapped down . You get a stupid cartoony drawing with a stupid question on it, with a four answers from which to choose.

Safari on Windows At the World Wide Developer’s conference for Apple last week, they introduced Safari for Windows.

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