Farsc sex

The rose colored nipples were standing at attention and begging for the hand that was unoccupied to reach around her and play.

He couldn't resist the pull of her body so his other hand started stroking over one of her taut buds.

Written for kissbingo square Part: Collarbone Disclaimer: I don't own them. Dawwwwwww A/N: At the request of valhallailly I have made her fic that she desired. J/A are pretty hot sometimes I feel I cant' improve on it. ""I'm a better pilot." Aeryn didn't bother looking behind her she knew the look of disbelief across John's face well enough not to have to see it.

She could probably draw a portrait from memory of him with that expression.

" He didn't give her a microt to think about his question. He scooted the short distance forward so her back was cradled between his legs. She couldn't think of a much better way to spend her time alone with Crichton. His hot breath was puffing against her collarbone and the warmth of his lips made first contact. His tongue flicked across her flesh and she wiggled around in her seat to try to get closer.

He couldn't take her skin that close to him any longer. There wasn't nearly enough room in the prowler for her to maneuver how she needed to.

But if he kept his lips glued to her collarbone he wouldn't miss it when her breasts finally slipped free of her tank.

They were barely concealed as it was, with all her movement, and he was eagerly anticipating the moment that she would be fully exposed.

John's hands moved down her biceps and he continued to shower her clavicle with kisses.

Her neck sometimes made it into his rounds as well.

He knew she was grinning at her ability to set him down so easily.

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