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Fast forward two weeks and I step of a plane to a country and continent i had never been too where I have no understanding of the language or culture.

Alice moved to Japan at old and has spent the majority of her 23 years before meeting me there as a fully fledged expat, she speaks Japanese fluently, knows more than there is to know about japan.

So 8 years on from moving to Japan its a cold cold January evening and I had gone to meet some friends in an English pub, where else would you go on a Saturday evening, and spend the evening flirting with a beautiful young English chick who blows my mind from day one.

Since having Etta the money part is no longer the prime focus, family and doing whats best for them is my focus.

I firmly believe that being there to listen and engage with your children as much as you can be is the most precious thing that you can do for your children and I am lucky enough that I get to hang out with them so much.

Is it a generational thing or are we all just as equally inept at how to pee into a cup?

If anyone has an answer then please do share with us as we would both love to know.

Moving swiftly on from that mistake Alice decided that it be best for all of us if we worked fro ourselves and a) had no one to answer too and b) set our own hours and own priorities.

That’s where the first seeds of Avocado Magazine were started, the @london_dad Instagram was a name change of my private account and I figured would be a good way to funnel some traffic over to Alice’s amazing new venture.Do those who do that have an awful covered pee that needs hiding?Or is something worse being hidden underneath that paper?Now you would have thought through that journey in the last 4 years or so I would have brushed up on my grammar, a blogger who can’t write properly is about as much use as an over tired toddler……but the thing is it doesn’t matter, one thing I have learnt is that if you do something that you love and do it with passion then the details can be brushed over.Within a week we were living together and having amazing fun until work tells me that my job in Tokyo is done and they need me to set up a desk in our Singapore office and to replicate the success we had achieved in Tokyo.

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