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I mean, it's not like all the other otome games that are all about school and become oh-so-very tedious after a while.I definitely played your game again and again and I remember myself staying up late because of it and sleeping in class as well.You've done a wonderful job, and some of the glitches are kinda funny; like if you try to hang out with Telos and you teleport to Lucky's room like he caught you or something lol I love this game! Because I'm not trying to ask for special treatment but I have a chrome book and I've downloaded some of your games before but it's never gone through or would let me play the game.

Festival days dating sim deviantart

My computer is getting too old to handle the program I use to make the game anymore and crashes whenever I load it up. So until I can get a new computer the game is on pause.

This is a really fun game that one can easily lose hours playing.

Date 1- Done Extended Date1 - Done Date 2- Not started yet Extended Date2 - Not started yet Fiend Hunts-Done Room- 90% done.

Missing some text when talking to him but is playable. Still working on date kiss dialog Extended Date1 - Not started yet Date 2- Not started yet Extended Date2 - Not started yet Fiend Hunts- 90% done. Room- Not Started Mini Date- Not Started Hanging Out- Not Started Festival- Not started PROMO POSTER Advertising" super_img=" super_fullimg=" super_fullw="900" super_fullh="1162" super_w="787" super_h="1016" super_transparent="false"MINI FAQQ: My HP is zero! A: To restore your HP you have to use an item such as an elixir or eat some food.

It makes me happy you enjoyed playing, but I hope you didn't get in trouble for falling asleep in class.

That would be awkward to explain to teachers/parents.

This usually happens if you navigate to the next page of comments or exit out of the webpage.

When you tried to load the last save you made the game couldn't locate it and therefore you got the Na N error.

Q: How do I unlock characters/find key items/trigger events?

A: Please don't be rude and keep asking me about specific game details!

You better take responsibility Lol, just kidding x DI agree.

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