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You cannot file a divorce or an annulment in USA for a marriage that took place in the Philippines or in another country.She can go back to the Philippines, but she will have a lot of issues.

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Then the randy old goats turn around and get their serial mistresses pregnant. More than their fair share of sun-kissed foreign looks in a sea of brown Indo-Malay complexions.

That said, many of the Cebuanas advertising their openness to an overseas sweetheart are plainly middle class by Philippine standards (they have been to college and some are professionals) or barely getting by.

You would fly over and sample a night life every bit as vibrant as Manila’s, just without the old politicos or military types elbowing you out.

The pickings at Cebuanas is not large, a mere 320,000 members since the site went up three years ago.

So if you haven’t yet bloomed into the Johnny Bravo of your reunion class, you can take heart from having less competition for the ladies’ roving eyes on Cebuanas.

Still and all, even a casual stroll through the Cebuanas galleries reveals a splendid array of beauty catering to every taste.

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Many half-breeds dominate, to this day, the great sugar plantations in nearby islands.

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