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But with a thriving sex industry, surging tourism and an increasing drug problem, the potential for a plague city is here.

In the last few months, despite the nervousness of influential businessmen, the Government of Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan has recognized the dangers of a coming calamity and begun to do something to forestall it, designing Asia's first medium-term plan to combat AIDS.

But there are those who worry that Thailand's special combination of sexual permissiveness, tourism and rural poverty will create an AIDS epidemic like the African pattern of widespread heterosexual infection.

Number of Cases Still Small Officials of the Thai Ministry of Public Health point out that the number of those found to be infected with the AIDS virus in Thailand, with a population of about 55 million, is still small: 4,764 through the end of February, with 11 people seriously ill with AIDS and 10 fatalities since the first AIDS death here in 1984.

It's like planting seeds and waiting for the harvest.'' ''No country is immune,'' Dr.

Jonathan Mann, director of the World Health Organization's Global Program on AIDS, said at a recent conference here.

But the number of those infected rose by 593 in January alone, and officials say the more people they test, the more cases they find.

The low number of dead, they acknowledge, may simply indicate the early stages of an epidemic.

He said: ''They say they're poor, and I say, 'You own land, a house, you have enough to eat,' but they say, 'I want money.' It's because they want a big house and keep up with the Joneses.

''There's a law against selling people, but it's not enforced.

Every evening, young boys proffer themselves outside a hotel known for its ice cream.

Every day, advertisements tout, ''Darling is feeling - Finest massage parlor and coffee shop.'' Bangkok, known as the City of Angels, is not yet the city of AIDS.

''This is not a Christian country,'' said a Thai official, who requested anonymity. Many people regard prostitution as a good way to put aside some money before going home and having a family.'' Discouraging 'Minor Wives' There has always been a tradition of ''minor,'' or secondary, wives in Thailand, said Mr.

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