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They will take the time to listen to your concerns and make every attempt to get the effect you want.

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We have become very good friends and have been through more styles and experiements than I have time to write about.

My husband and 4 children are also customers of Mort and Linda.

Some people estimate that as many of 80% of teens have some form of acne at one point. Millions of adults suffer from some form of acne, and that number is rising. For adults, being consistent with a good cleansing, morning and night is a necessity.

Teens should cleanse three times a day if the skin is tolerant; preferably late afternoon, after school, or after a sport activity.

Color molecules have a specific if low solubility in water, and water penetrates the hair during shampooing, so losing a little bit of color is inevitable everytime the hair is washed.

By the way, good colorcare shampoos and conditioners help to protect and control fading of the hair color.

I feel very lucky to still share the happiness when a client really loves what you have done for them.

I really enjoy helping someone discover their own beauty potential." Even when it is dry healthy hair still contains about 12 to 15% water.

(Have you ever noticed that a wet paper towel is weaker than its dry equivalent?

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