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Diplo, first rumored to be dating Perry back in April, is expecting his second child with former squeeze Kathryn Lockhart.

The musician (whose real name is Wesley Pentz) and Lockhart, who also have a 4-year-old son named Lockett, are not together now, but our source tells us she was likely to have been “newly pregnant” when the Perry rumors first surfaced.

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Rachel trekt bij Monica in nadat ze haar eigen bruiloft ontvlucht.

Perry canceled her dream getaway after the public found out.

The “Teenage Dream” singer got her subdued celebration in Paris, landing Sunday night at Paris–Le Bourget Airport in the early evening.

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Katy Perry celebrated her 30th birthday by hitting two continents in 24 hours with her boyfriend, Diplo, and an entourage of pals.

Monica, Ross , Chandler, Joey en Phoebe bevelen aan Rachel haar creditkaarten door te knippen.

Na lang aarzelen heeft Rachel het lef om haar kaarten door te knippen en neemt een baan als serveerster in Central Perk.

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