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With steely resolve, these often very young, barely legal, women enforce their unwritten contracts against men who have deluded themselves into believing their May-December relationship is anything but the commercial opportunity that it is.

Interestingly, business is one thing, but Thai men are wary of their partners finding out about their lovers for justifiable fear of losing their manhood.

A colloquialism holds that a man has to return to his conjugal bed or his partner may “that hai pet kin” (roughly translated as “to cut and feed to the duck”, ie thereby making the organ unavailable for reattachment).

Laura Fearn is the nom de plume of a Canadian expat who lives in Thailand and works as a freelance writer and blogger reporting on life in Asia.

This page lists the reported and registered HIV/AIDS cases by reporting region.

The Leadership Academy of Muslim Women found “over 40 per cent of women report having experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner".

So ingrained is violence against women that the Nation newspaper quotes Shoko Ishikawa of UN Women East and Southeast Asia as citing a statistic that more than seven in 10 women in rural Thailand believe there are circumstances in which it is justifiable for a man to beat his wife.

Clearly, these relationships are not acceptable in polite Thai society, but they do sometimes evolve into marriage - German is the most common nationality of foreign husbands.

But with few opportunities for so many women, who are we to judge the choices the women have made?

So, older men - who probably never had such beautiful, charming and acquiescent women give them the time of day even when they were young and virile - get to fulfil their fantasies.

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