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In 1839, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin II (1827–1852) assigned his uncle Pangeran Muda Hashim the task of restoring order but his inability to do so caused him to request the aid of British sailor James Brooke.

Brooke's success in quelling the revolt was well rewarded with antimony, property and the governorship of Sarawak.

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The capital city, Kuching, is the economic centre of the state and seat of the Sarawak state government.

Other cities and towns in Sarawak include Miri, Sibu, and Bintulu.

The Brooke family generally practiced a paternalistic form of government with minimal bureaucracy, but were pressured to establish some form of legal framework.

In 1928, a Judicial Commissioner, Thomas Stirling Boyd, was appointed as the first legally trained judge.

It has several prominent cave systems at Gunung Mulu National Park.

Rajang River is the longest river in Malaysia; Bakun Dam, one of the largest dams in Southeast Asia, is located on one of its tributaries, the Balui River. The earliest known human settlement in Sarawak, located at the Niah Caves, dates back to 40,000 years ago.

These birds are important cultural symbols for the Dayak people, representing the spirit of God.

It is also believed that if a hornbill is seen flying over residences, it will bring good luck to the local community.

A series of Chinese ceramics dated from the 8th to 13th century AD was uncovered at the archaeological site of Santubong.

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