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Agnes was already a highly successful radio performer back in the 1930s, when she was approached by Orson Welles and asked to become a founder member (along with him and Joseph Cotten) of the soon to be famous Mercury Theatre on the Air.

She agreed and was actually part of the notorious ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast in 1938, often described as ‘The Night that Panicked America’.

A chapter he had planned for his autobiography about the Moorehead/Reynolds affair was deleted after Debbie’s lawyers threatened him with legal action.

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He was Lumpy Rutherford’s dad in the hugely successful (1961-66). ‘So I think when that happened, something shifted, and it became bigger than myself.’ Washington apologized, but he had alienated many of his peers on , including executives, who did not renew his contract in 2007.

He remained tight-lipped about his homosexuality and never married. Ron Palillo (1949 – 2012) Ron Palillo was one of those actors whose face was instantly recognizable, yet despite having appeared on our TV screens for five or six consecutive seasons in a highly successful series, (in his case ), I doubt if one in a hundred viewers would remember his name – not today and not then either.

Throughout her life, Agnes refused to acknowledge her lesbianism.

Paul Lynde described her as ‘classy as hell, but one of the all-time Hollywood dykes.’ Debbie Reynolds was Moorehead’s closest ‘friend’ and hotly denied tales that Agnes was gay.

The identical twins were actually discovered by Loretta Young as they sat on a church pew in 1962.

Soon both boys were on her TV show for its entire first season, before going their separate acting ways.

series, but other commitments caused him to surrender the opportunity to Dick York.

York was very good as Darrin Stephens, but suffered from a chronic back complaint that resulted in him collapsing on the set one day.

At a Human Rights Campaign even in Las Vegas in 2014 she announced she was gay. Dack Rambo (1941 – 94) Dack Rambo was one of those bizarrely named members of gay agent Henry Willson’s stable of young actors in the sixties.

His identical twin brother Dirk was also signed by Willson.

One week we were watching York as Darrin, the next we were watching Sargent for the next four seasons.

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