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During the betrothal, the man and woman negotiate the content of the marriage contract.A Sudanese woman has the right to accept or deny an offer of betrothal and she may negotiate a marriage contract herself. Marriage is completed through the signing of a civil contract.

Those prohibited relatives include female ascendants (i.e. daughter, granddaughter etc.), and collateral relatives (i.e. In the case of kinship by marriage, a man may not marry his wife's female ascendants, the wives of his own ascendants, nor the wives of his children.

A woman is permitted to marry neither a former husband's brother nor any of his male ascendants.

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The procedure is officiated by a ma'azuun (a religious official who is usually appointed by the government), a qadi (judge) or a legal proxy and is witnessed by two men or two women and one man.

A woman may appoint a guardian to sign the contract on her behalf.

In contrast to the Christian notion, a Muslim marriage is not considered a spiritual sacrament and no religious ceremony is required.

However, the announcement of the marriage to the public, by a wedding party or contract gathering, is essential.

For example, in an orfy customary marriage, a woman is not entitled to alimony or pension, has no judicial protection without official recognition by her spouse, and must file a legal petition to establish her children's' parentage.

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