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The character, created by Jack Kirby, first appeared in The Eternals #4 (October 1976).Within the context of the stories, Gammenon is the Celestial tasked with collecting samples of all life forms present on a planet during a Celestial Host and is present during at least the First He then turns these over to Jemiah the Analyzer. Ganymede is the last surviving member of a race of warrior women known as the Spinsterhood, a group which was formed with the sole purpose of destroying the cosmic being known as Tyrant.He was created by Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein, and Jack Kirby.

The character, created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey, first appeared in New X-Men #124.

Within the context of the stories, G-Type is an alien with telepathy.

Within the context of the stories, Gamiel is a young Celestial tasked with watching over Earth alongside Devron the Experimenter.

Gammenon the Gatherer is a Celestial in the Marvel Universe.

In these dreams Gargantus was with all of Iron Man's other enemies in a great battle against Iron Man.

He had a more human appearance by then, and was capable of speech.

Gargantus also carries a giant wooden club, which was ineffective against Iron Man.

The reason for its design as a Neanderthal was that the aliens had not been to Earth since 80,000 years ago and thought our planet was still occupied by cavemen.

Soon as we looked into each other's eyes, it was right back there. There's nothing I like better than doing a love story, and there's nothing better than doing a love story with Tony (Anthony Geary).

G-Type is a member of the Imperial Guard in the Marvel Universe.

The aliens postulated that if they made a large caveman, everyone on Earth would acknowledge it as their leader and surrender the planet without a fight.

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