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Has the change in gender roles for males and females carried over into characteristics males and females seek in mate selection?

For example, traditionally women have been encouraged to be caring and helpful, while men have been encouraged to be assertive and aggressive.

Traditionally women have been encouraged to display the caring and helpful gender roles by becoming secretaries and nurses, while men have been encouraged to display the assertive and aggressive gender roles by becoming managers and executives.

In Study 1, relationship status moderated this effect, such that women in serious dating relationships were less satisfied than either women in less serious relationships or than men as a function of partner violence.

In Study 2, women were less satisfied with violent relationships than men regardless of relationship status.

Couples with more dyadic sexual communication and sexual assertiveness (but lesser negotiation efficacy) reported increased relational satisfaction.

We frame the findings from a script perspective, and our results suggest that individuals who self-disclose important information about sexual issues contribute to the effectiveness of sexual communication in a dating relationship.

Both sexes are increasingly interested in non-smoking.

Approximately 90% of Americans will probably marry at least once.

Heterosexuals (Beliefs, opinions and attitudes) Sex role (Social aspects) Dating (Social customs) (Psychological aspects) Men (Beliefs, opinions and attitudes) Women (Beliefs, opinions and attitudes) Heterosexual females and males are continually searching for members of the opposite sex for dating and romance.

Have changes in gender roles over the recent past resulted in changes in the characteristics in the search for dating and romance?

Data were collected from 2 samples of heterosexual undergraduates in dating relationships.

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