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One can be sure of delicious food and a lovely view of the lake to gorge on, at Breeze. 1600 for 2 people (approx) Well, we hope you have a great dinner date at one of these luxurious rooftop restaurants!ALSO READ: 11 places for a picture perfect proposal, where she’ll certainly say yes!“I am not 6 feet tall, I am 5 feet 6 inches and a lot of girls want taller guys, so that tends to create a problem,” says Mr.

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but not publically I do not know your budget, but you can go anywhere from Taj Lands End to nearby Udipi Vihar.

Hard Rock cafe is a good place so is independence cafe or Mocha.

On bandstand, the coffee day / Barista are good too but mostly crowded all the time.

The first thing you notice about’s homepage is the photo of the couple.

There is Facebook, but it’s about your own social network and doesn’t allow you to expand your social base,” Ignighter co-founder Daniel Osit, an American, told Caravan magazine.

But as these sites have discovered, taking Indians online to date requires in many ways a wholesale re-education of cultural norms.

For a start, just as in real life in India, sex ratios online skew towards males, with just one in every five users a woman, according to a report by CLSA, which also states that about half of Indian women online are single.

As a woman registered on one of these sites, you’re still likely to get bombarded with messages from men, not all of them experts in crafting a pithy opening pitch – you can still expect the all-time most widely used gambit of “I want to make friendship with you.” On, blog posts break down dating for their users, telling them what to expect on dates one through three, what to wear, how to read body language and even what to say (“Stay away from topics like: religion, politics and past relationships” cautions one post on first dates).

“I have put myself on and when you read the first sentence ‘I am a good boy’ on a profile, it’s ridiculous, because people can’t even describe themselves,” says one 26-year-old user, a Harvard-educated doctor by training, who moved back to Mumbai a couple of years ago.

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