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Notice how we are passing it the “subscribe Callback” variable? They are the methods which will be called when the connection to the channel succeeds or fails, if someone enters or leaves the channel, and most importantly for us a method which will notify us whenever someone has published a message to the channel. We are receiving the message that are being send to our channel!

We will only focus on the callback being fired when a message is sent. The next step now is to edit our Google Map view in order to view the location.

At this point, we already have the Map on screen and are getting notified whenever we receive a new location point.

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We will need a couple things: These steps are pretty simple. We will make the bare bones of the application so that you simply have the essential elements to make your own amazing app.

All you need to use Pub Nub is to add 2 libraries to your project. We won’t create a fancy user experience, we trust that you’ll create something beautiful.

As a result, we can only apply these modifications by running these tasks on the UI thread.

For this reason, we must use a Runnable object and call our methods from it. Now that we have this out of the way, all we have left to do is implement these methods.

To update the polyline, we simply add a new point to our “Polyline Options” instance, remove any previous polyline or marker from the map, and finally add the polyline on the map again.

Unfortunately simply adding a point to the Polyline Options instance will not update the Polyline dynamically, we are forced to remove the previous one and add the new one again. We created a Pub Nub instance, subscribed to a channel and as soon as we receive a message we update the map following those 3 steps.We’ll cover two broad topics: You’ll need the full source code for this tutorial, as well as our broadcaster and Map Box API tutorial, so click here to download the all the files. Our app will be receiving location data and plotting it on a map.To receive the data, we will subscribe to a Pub Nub channel. People can enter or leave the room by subscribing or unsubscribing to the channel.We left off by building our realtime Android location data broadcaster that detects and streams location data. In this blog post, we’ll be using Pub Nub to create a simple, location sharing and viewing application for Android. Let’s visualize those location changes on a live-updating map.To do so, we will need to start by initializing the line’s characteristics in the “initialize Map” method: We’re all set and initialized our variables.

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