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Even nowadays people affected by Hansen's disease have to leave their village and are socially isolated.Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder found in these patients.Because of the fear of infecting family members, women sufferers keep themselves aloof and are constantly worried about divorce.

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Varying results have been documented in the literature obtained from different geographical regions of the world.

In an Indian study conducted by Kumar and Verghese in 1980, the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in Hansen's disease affected population was higher (99/1000) in comparison to the general population (63/1000). revealed that there is no particular form of psychosis directly associated with Hansen's disease and this disease plays the role of psychogenic inducement in the patients who are constitutionally predisposed to psychiatric disorders.

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A 12-year-old girl was set on fire by a man who allegedly repeatedly raped her for eight days after she decided to tell her parents about the brutal attacks that took place near her home in India.Early detection and treatment of psychiatric disorders among Hansen's disease patients is a powerful psychotherapeutic measure.Integrated healthcare strategy will be beneficial to these patients.Problems of divorce, economic deprivation, and displacement from families Society maintains negative feelings toward people with Hansen's disease.Problems of divorce, unemployment and displacement from area of residence are common in people affected with Hansen's disease.“She was being repeatedly raped since 8-10 days and she did not reveal it to her parents.

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