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According to the online dating site AYI.com's recent survey of 1,000 singles, 60% of men and 68% of women believe that Valentine's Day is not just a commercial holiday, but also about love.

While many often assume that Valentine's Day is not as important for men, men too hold expectations regarding Valentine's Day.

Online sites make it easy to create a fake or fraudulent profile.

The numbers don’t lie either — 438 people get married everyday as a result of e Harmony’s compatibility matching. So I signed up and met the man I would later marry through e Harmony. Right this time, especially since we were also “matched” on Match.com, but regrettably, we couldn’t have been more wrong for each other.

It seems I’ve been spending most of my life in search of my soulmate — the one who would complete me and make me whole, but I finally figured out I was looking in the wrong direction until I found myself.

An hour later when I opened the refrigerator to retrieve the bottle, I found I had put my iron in the refrigerator instead! None of the men were anything more than just attractive faces with no real substance behind the facades.

Perhaps I should have gone back to read profiles before looking at pictures.

During this same time period, while I was working as a court reporter and meeting new people on a daily basis, I met two men I found appealing.

One was married, and the other was the one I would marry seven months later.

Or maybe I should tell the Great Expectations staff to uncover my profile and tape. I was totally unprepared for the craziness of the next thirty days, as I had received over 250 requests in just the first two weeks, which meant that I had no time to do anything other than to sit hour after hour, day after day reading profiles and watching tapes.

At this point, I was glancing at faces, skimming profiles and carefully selecting the tapes I had time to view.

At this point, Jeff Ullman advised that he would not be putting my profile or tape out for public view because he was afraid I would be overwhelmed by the amount of requests I would receive because of my attractive profile and interesting tape.

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