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Also, courts may declare premarital agreements unenforceable under an “unconscionable” standard.This essentially refers to cases where the terms are supremely unfair.An example of a material misstatement is where the registrant incorrectly states, either in the application as filed or in a Declaration of Use, that it has used the trademark in Canada.

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If a premarital agreement calls for a reduction or total elimination of spousal support, and that term causes that spouse to qualify for government aid for the needy, then the law permits the court to order the other spouse to pay support to the impoverished spouse.

For help enforcing your prenuptial agreement, or determining if the prenuptial agreement you signed may actually be unenforceable under Florida law, contact an experienced Jacksonville divorce lawyer for a review and analysis of your case.

, Canadian courts have also invalidated registrations on the basis of two further grounds, namely material misstatements and fraudulent misrepresentations made during prosecution of the application leading to the registration.

A material misstatement is a false statement (or omission) made by an applicant in the course of communications made with the Trademarks Office, which causes the applicant to obtain a registration that it could not have acquired had the statement been truthful.

All these benefits of owning a trademark registration also give good cause for a business to attack the trademark registrations of its competitors.

For example, a company may wish to use a trademark that is the same as, or similar to, a trademark registered by a competitor.

Further, several trademark causes of action are only available to those who own trademark registrations.

These include actions for infringement and deemed infringement pursuant to sections 19 and 20 of the .

Specifically, the statute’s disclosure requirement mandates that the spouse against whom enforcement is sought: In order for a failure to disclose to serve as the grounds for a successful challenge to the enforcement of a premarital agreement, the non-disclosed information must be material—meaning that it must be important and/or large enough to alter meaningfully the financial profile of the wealthier spouse.

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