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In the same way, people can choose to switch from Whats App to a potentially more secure messaging service like Signal.Terms and conditions are subject to change (like in the case of Whats App) and we have to accept that as a reality,” Pahwa said.

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You might choose not to share your account information under Whats App’s latest policy change for relevant ads on Facebook, but that does not mean the messaging platform will not share your phone number with the social media website.

Whats App will give your contact details to Facebook for purposes other than ads even if you opt out, a Whats App spokesperson confirmed, contradicting reports that users can choose not to share details such as their phone number.

At this time, we will remove the old account data tied to the phone number - like the profile photo and status.

Whats App uses the phone numbers saved in your phone's address book to find your friends who are already using Whats App.

This does not mean that the previous owner of the phone number has any access to the Whats App account you activate with your new phone number.

Your conversations and other Whats App data are secure.

If the previous owner of your phone number did not delete their Whats App account, you and your friends may see your phone number in Whats App before you activate a new account.

You may also see someone else's profile photo and status message attached to your phone number. This only means that the previous account was not deleted, so old information still exists in the system.

The messaging service, however, sought to reassure its users: “Whats App has become even more private and secure since joining Facebook, as we launched end-to-end encryption, which ensures messages can only be read by people in the conversation.

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