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The next thing you want to say or do is COMPLIMENT HER.

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The last tip I leave you with is NEVER BE SHY ABOUT ASKING HER FOR HER PHONE NUMBER. Even if you have only spoken with her for as little as one minute! You can say something like, "I have to be going now.

Land line numbers are at most 8 digits long (usually in major metros).

Ask her questions about that and you will have captivated her completely. NEVER DISAGREE with a woman when you first meet her.

You want to create a context of relatedness, and that's done by agreeing with her. " Without the all important phone number, you will never get anywhere with a woman.

to dial Delhi from Gurgaon, one dials 9511 landline number.

This feature was stopped with effect from hours of 10 March 2009, as per Department of Telecommunications memorandum dated 9 February 2009.

Previously, they were four-digit in number and could be of any combination, like 8888 or 7827.

The current five digits can be extended by three digits further representing 3 additional characters.

Be sure to say something specific, that is special about HER.

Be polite and creative when dishing out compliments.

A typical mobile number in India is " 91-XX-XXX-XXXXX".

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