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I believed that even a potentially harmful drug could save my life. If I had dated Granola Cruncher, I would still be sipping smoothies with Acai Berry… Your own inner voice will guide you when you are quiet enough to listen.

There are websites and apps, friends of friends, blind dates, and lots of trying not to get your hopes up.

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Rather than refusing to answer a question, you may find it better to ask why they are asking, so you can understand what their thoughts are and address them, even if you choose to do so without sharing information you may prefer to keep to yourself.

Overall, choosing to share any medical information can be a scary thought and it should happen when you feel ready to disclose. However, building toward a long-lasting relationship takes risk and trust and working together to share information can be a bonding experience for two people who choose to be open with each other.

Your dreams of having a lifetime love may have been shattered by a broken relationship.

Your priorities revolve around your health care needs.

It may help if they hear how you became infected, if you know this, or what caused you to get tested.

They may want to hear about whether they are at risk or whether they have already been exposed to the virus.

I do not know what order they come in for you, but most of the time dating is first.

It is never easy for a single person to get back out there.

That is because they have had to dig deep within themselves to find their own personal strength. They have looked death in the eye and then shoved it out of their way. You can consider yourself blessed if you are invited to share it with them. I looked fairly good after a blood transfusion and had a little color in my cheeks. I borrowed a few pints of some healthy person’s blood during an emergency transfusion so my cheeks were aglow and energy was high. They were sure that because of his holistic lifestyle, he would be the one for this self-proclaimed nutritional ninja.

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